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About Our Service

Do you have an increasing number of international guests who do not understand your menu? Are they hesitant to come in because they think they will not be able to order?
Providing translated menus on paper takes up space and is difficult to update.
Our solution: Translations of your menu in a digital format. Hosted online so customers can access it with their own smartphone.
Minimal effort for you as a business owner, but satisfied international customers and increased sales for you.

Professional multilingual translation

Professional translations of your restaurant's menu.
Yes, there are AI-based automated translation tools, but they still make mistakes.
A professionally done and reviewed translation is essential to show quality to your customers.
The quality of your menu presentation reflects the quality of your restaurant.

Digital representations in stylish responsive design

A digital representation of your menu is created. We use the latest technologies to create stylish results that look great on any device, including smartphones, tablets, and even PCs.

Additional information

Want to present additional information about your food that doesn't fit on the paper menu? In the digital representation there are no space limitations.
For international customers a translation may not be enough, an explanation of what the food is exactly is needed.

Photos and your story

Do you have anything else to say about your food? What is special about this dish? Why are you serving it? Any notable ingredients?
Let your customers know your story about your food.
Include a photo of the dish, because a picture is worth a 1000 words.

No technical knowledge

You do not need technical knowledge or unreliable infrastructure.
We host the digital menu and take care of any problems.
All you have to do is place the QR code with the link visible in your restaurant.

Easy updates

You did a translation once and have been distributing the same old paper for years?
But your menu has changed, especially the prices?
With our digital solution, an update is a snap and your customer always gets the latest menu.

How DX Menu Works?


Get a professional translation of your restaurant's menu in the languages you need. English, German and Japanese translations are standard. Other languages are available upon request.
Just send us your menu and we will start immediately.
It's great if you already have a PDF, for example. But a photo works just as well.

Digital Representation

We prepare the digital representation of your menu for the translated languages. Photos of the dishes can be optionally included. This digital representation is hosted by us on a reliable server.
No need for you to deal with any technical issues.

QR Code

We provide you with a QR code that contains a link to your online menu.
QR codes can be scanned with the regular camera on any modern smartphone. The menu then simply opens in the customer's smartphone browser.

Present the QR Code

Finally, all you have to do is present the QR code to your international customers. Either print it on your existing menu, set up a display stand, or simply show it on request.
The logistics of making the translated menu visible and available are minimal.

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Our Pricing Options

The DX Menu service is comprised of two components. The first is the professional translation of your menu, which begins at 50€. However, the total price is dependent on the size of your menu. To receive a competitive offer, simply send us your menu.
The second component is the hosting of your menu on a reliable and fast web server, along with the QR code and link, so that your guests can easily access the digital menu. The hosting service begins at 3€ per month on monthly payment. Additional services, such as photo hosting, are available at an additional cost.


from €50

  • Professional translations to English, Japanese and German
  • other languages on request
  • 3 Month hosting included
  • Price depends on size of menu
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from €3

Per Month

  • QR Code with link
  • Optional photos
  • Reliable and fast hosting
  • Discount on yearly plans
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Check out Samples

Here are some examples of digital menus including translations. You can click on the image or scan the QR code.

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Are you ready to get started or do you need more information?
Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a competitive quote.